Timaya – Chulo Vibes (EP)

Timaya – Chulo Vibes (EP)Chulo Vibes (EP) is a studio album by Nigerian singer and songwriter, Timaya. Which will be released through DM Records Limited on February 8, 2019.

The Chulo Vibes‘ EP is compiled with 9-tracks masterpiece which comes in the variety of genres features a couple of top-notch musician like, Burna Boy, Tanzanian recording artist, Alikiba and Trinidadian soca singer, Machel Montano.

Production credits on the album go to OrbeatBobby Frank.

Timaya Chulo Vibes (EP) Tracklist Below;

1. Balance || DOWNLOAD MP3

2. The Mood || DOWNLOAD MP3

3. Pull Up (feat. Burna Boy) || DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Akuna || DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Number One (feat. Alikiba) || DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Obrigado || DOWNLOAD MP3

7. I Can’t Kill Myself || DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Happy (feat. Machel Montano) || DOWNLOAD MP3

9. Stoopid || DOWNLOAD MP3

DOWNLOAD Timaya – Chulo Vibes (EP) Zip File [36.8 MB]

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