How To Use Twitter Night Mode On Phone Or Computer

Most times, if you are finding it really hard to sleep, there is a high probability that you’ll whip out your mobile phone and start surfing the web or going through different social media. There are lots of reasons why Twitter might be your go-to nighttime social media platform. It could be that as you were lying on the bed, you suddenly remembered your football team played a football match and you wanted to read reactions to it, or you recalled a twitter message you haven’t responded to, or you want to see what people were saying about Buhari, Donald Trump, R.Kelly e.t.c. So you take out your phone or your laptop in your really dark room only to find out everywhere is dangerously black and it’s as blinding as staring into the sun. Do not bother your pretty head about that; the simple solution is the Twitter Night Mode. Setting up Night Mode is pretty straight-forward and easy. Let Techlector teach you How To Use Twitter Night Mode On Mobile Or PC:

1. Twitter Night Mode

First things first, what is Night Mode? This feature simply transforms the layout color scheme of your Twitter interface from whatever it was before to a black background. This way, it is much convenient when going through your Twitter feed at night, or in a dark conference room. Plus turning it on is so easy.

2. How To Use It

Twitter Night Mode can be used on both your mobile phone and computer. On

How To Use Twitter Night Mode On Phone
Click on your profile picture, then on “Settings and privacy.”, then select “Display and sound.”, then Toggle on “Night mode.” There you go, you just switched to Night Mode. Immediately, you’ll see your background change to the black color scheme.
How To Use Twitter Night Mode On PC

Incredibly, changing on PC is even less difficult than the process on mobile, just tap your profile picture icon, select “Night mode.”, And like magic — you’re in Night Mode!

Your eyes will give you a peck on the cheek for it, the passenger chilling next to you on that red-eye flight will appreciate you and even your convenience should be grateful.

It is worth noting that Twitter isn’t the only social media network that has a night mode. Youtube does as well..

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