How to clear Google history on Android in seconds

That Google stores large amounts of data on our activities is well known, and in fact by now all you should know, if you use an Android phone and you have never managed your data to clean them, that the Mountain View giant has a broad profile of your tastes, on your daily activity and on many other details regarding app and navigation.

In fact, we could say that Google knows about us more than we do, and for those who are concerned about their privacy, there are appropriate data control tools in the google search engine.

Today we will explain how to delete the Google history on your Android phone. The Google browsing history is a list of all the things you do to any of your devices connected to a Google Account. Today we will explain how to use it to see what you did with your mobile phone and how to delete the history.

We will explain it in two simple steps. First, we’ll show you how to view only the history of things you’ve done on your Android. Then we’ll tell you the various ways in which you have to delete chronology elements, from single points to the whole history of actions in Android completely.

How to see everything you’ve done on your mobile

The first thing you need to do is enter the page, a page will open in which you will see all your activities on all your devices. Once inside, in the first box that appears with the text Today, in the list of items click on the Android button, and automatically the content will be filtered to show only what you did with your Android devices.

You’ll see a detailed list of everything you’ve done on your Android devices, from how many times you’ve used the home screen to how many and which apps you’ve used during the day. If you want to search for specific applications or tools you’ve used, type the term in the Search field and if you want to add another filter in addition to Android to find your activities related to a specific topic, click the + symbol below the Search field.

How to delete Google history on Android

To delete a single item from the activity history, you need to click on the three-point icon to the right of the task you want to delete. A menu will open, and you must click on the Delete option in it.

To clear the elements of a whole day from the activity history, go first to the day you want to delete. You have to click on the three dots icon on the right side of each day. In the pop-up menu, press Delete, and all content corresponding to the selected day will be deleted, but only the one related to Android or the search filter you’ve applied.

And to clear the history of everything you did with your Android, you have to click on the three-point icon you have at the top right, next to the Search field. In the drop-down menu, select the Delete results option. Warning: Once all this data has been deleted, it will not be possible to recover it.

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